The Rabbit and the Moon

Can Kamiko save her friend? Or is she going to need a miracle? Chang'e, the Lady of the Moon, has been posioned by a demonic wolf seeking revenge for his imprisonment by her husband, Hou Yi, an archer from the west who once upon a time came to Japan seeking immortality. Enter Kamiko. An upstart, young deity, dressed to the nines and ready to do whatever it takes to win. But, she may have bitten off more than she could handle.

2. The Earthenware Jar

3. The Demon Wolf

4. Wolf and Rabbit

5. Kamiko and the Red Thread

6. Natsumi and Hana

7. Kamiko and the Wolf

8. The Vial

9. The Storyteller

10. Lost and Found

11. Archer of the West

12. The Ferrywoman

13. A Voice in the Woods

14. A Wolf's Cry

15. The Miracle

16. A Lightness

17. To the Moon

18. Lady of the Moon

19. Home

21. In Retrospect

22. Concept Art: Kamiko's Lolita Fashion