Oh! A Dog... With Two Heads!

Oct 3, 2020, 1:00:54 PM

He's only got... two heads?

A dog with one head. Cute, man's best friend.

A dog with three heads, better be careful!

Two heads... eh, you know, could be okay. Could be bad. Hard to say.


If you follow This Mortal Coil's Facebook page, I've been asking folks to vote on TopWebComics and push Magical Girl Kamiko up the ranks.

So, why?

Well, I'm hoping that getting up the ranks allows Magical Girl Kamiko to gain more visibility and get more readers. I know there's other things I can do such as advertising, focusing on Google SEO, etc. but I'm gonna start here.

How's the voting work?

With TopWebComics you get to vote one a day for your favorite webcomics. If you're clever, you know how to vote a few more times a day (wink, wink). I have a link below that will take you to TopWebComics's voting page for TMC and you can cast your vote there directly.

Last month Magical Girl Kamiko got all the way to 350th place. At the end of the month the votes are all zero'ed out again and everyone on the list starts over. So let's see how far we can push Magical Girl Kamiko this month!

Generic Pen and Ink Challenge-tober

Am I doing it?

I don't know if I'll do it this year, to be honest.

In the last couple years I did a combination of inking and Copic markers and it's good practice to do some traditional work. In fact, Magical Girl Kamiko started out as an Inktober project back in 2018 (kinda).

And, there is another comic on this site that was an entire Inktober project. You can read The Galactic Train, which I did back in 2016 -- yes, it's one of the first new works after The Rabbit and the Moon. It's all hand draw and inked. I later scanned it in and arranged it into comic pages. I think if I were to do that today, I would not really arrange them into panels. It would be something more like the current Magical Girl Kamiko story you're reading.

The Galactic Train, Page 1 - Inktober | This Mortal Coil

The Galactic Train, Page 1 - Inktober | This Mortal Coil

So yeah, there's a history with Inktober. This year I want to pick and choose what I want to do and not follow the trend. There's a lot of pressure to do 31 drawings in a month. I do love seeing the beautiful pen and ink work that other artists create, but I have writing projects I want to pursue, and of course there's this webcomic and building it up week-to-week.

Inktober 2019 Drawings

Some of the drawings I did from last year's Inktober. First off we have Kamiko as a Witch Lolita with a cute looking cat print dress:

Inktober 2019 | Kamiko as a Witch Lolita with Cats in her Dress

Inktober 2019 | Kamiko as a Witch Lolita with Cats in her Dress

Next we have Samatha the Witch taking a smoke break with her cat. Also that's a cat skull on her hat. It's from her first cat, Meatloaf I.

Samantha the Smoking Witch with cat

Samantha the Smoking Witch with cat

Third we have, why, look who it is, Magical Girl Kamiko... with a cat and a sword. Ready for battle, huh?

Take This it's Dangerous! Magical Girl Kamiko with Cat and Sword

Take This it's Dangerous! Magical Girl Kamiko with Cat and Sword

To Battle!

I've got a lot more than have never been posted. Maybe I can even turn some of these in to a future Magical Girl Kamiko story. Hey, wouldn't that be fun.

Are you planning to do Inktober? Link me to your drawings if you do any! In any case, I hope you have a good weekend!