The Galactic Train

Nov 7, 2016, 11:00:41 AM


The Galactic Train!

I toldja Kamiko would be back!

I did this comic for Inktober 2016. Each day of October there was a different prompt and from those prompts I loosely connected them and created this story. If you want to see the whole story you can dig through my Instagram account (and like, comment, follow, you know drill! ;) )

This comic will update on Mondays!

All of the artwork here is done traditionally -- I penciled them in my sketchbook and inked over them using ink brushes and pens.

They're a bit sloppy.

Not all of the images were made to fit properly together like a comic, so I'm trying my best to jigsaw them all into comic pages. So far there are ten pages and counting. Maybe 14-15 pages when all is said and done, which means this "limited" series will take us into the new year.

I also made a video version of the drawings which I'll put on Youtube at some point as well.

There's other news too!

I'll briefly mention it here and go more into detail in individual blog posts. Basically, here's what you need to know.

You recall the Lolita fashion illustrations that I've been doing as a fun side project and a way to explore Kamiko wearing other Lolita style coordinates/outfits?

Well, I finished all 30 of them!

Sometime back in October that is!

(And I should probably post them on the site eventually.)


I turned my Lolita Fashion drawings into a coloring book!

More about that in a separate blog post, but here's the link to the book on Amazon. If you ever wanted to own some of my artwork from This Mortal Coil, here's your chance. If you want to interact with it, break out your color pencils!

Here's the cover:

Lolita Fashion Coloring Book Cover | This Mortal Coil

Lolita Fashion Coloring Book Cover | This Mortal Coil



There's an Etsy shop!

I have a pack of Lolita dress illustrations up for purchase through that service as well. They are the same ones from the book.

I'm still learning how to do Etsy and Amazon but they are things that exist now based around This Mortal Coil and in the coming weeks I'll try and integrate them into the website.

Oh, about the website...

I think a few folks use RSS

And, I've been trying to fix the RSS feed. I noticed when a comic RSS goes out you may not see the comic image and that's bad. So I made a fix for it. Also, you will start to see the art gallery images, comic pages, and blog posts all intermingled together. Before they were three separate streams, but that's really cumbersome.

If you read via RSS and notice anything wrong please drop me a line in the contact form or in the comments below. It would help me greatly!


What about a new Mortal Coil comic?

You mean not this comic? An actual new comic storyline?

I haven't written a new storyline yet. I have a lot of ideas, and it'll be delayed, so this story "The Galactic Train" will be the only new thing and will probably last 3 months or so.

This month is National November Writing Month.

You would think I'm doing This Mortal Coil, but I'm not. I am penning a novel. It's on my bucket list. I need to seriously start piling up my rejection slips from publishers. It'll make me feel like a real writer.

And hey, if I can get my novel published, won't that be nice?

So that's all for now. More blog posts, Lolita fashion illustrations, and this current Inktober comic to come in the coming weeks.

And maybe some website changes.

It's all the stuff you love!

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And as always have a great weekend!