M9 Girls New Years Resolutions!
M9 Girls New Years Resolutions!
M9 Girls New Years Resolutions!
M9 Girls New Years Resolutions!

M9 Girls New Years Resolutions!

Jan 8, 2023, 3:58:19 PM

My, Oh My... New Years Resolutions!

Didn't I say I wasn't going to be working on comics for a while?

That's true, but I did have this one final art exchange to do with Hippo's comic M-9 Girls!

I know, we all made our new years resolutions over a week ago (have you managed to keep yours??), and I did share this with Hippo last week. In this short comic which plays off the current chapter of Hippo's webcomic M9 Girls, Vero/Golden is committing herself to some healthier New Years Resolutions or just a year of healthy misunderstandings and bad phrasing. Vero is the red head, and Karla is the brunette.

New Year, New Goals

So, if I'm not doing my comic, what am I doing?

In short, I'm getting back into the groove of writing fiction and practicing and building some old/new skills with 3D modeling.

I'm thinking of extending my time away from Magical Girl Kamiko for a while, so I can really pursue these other things. In terms of fiction, that 1-2 hours that I spend drawing the comic each day is spent writing. The goal would be to have a story, or maybe even multiple short stories by the summer. They won't be related to This Mortal Coil.

I'm not sure what the shape of that outcome will look like, because I haven't fixed the entire idea of the story down, so maybe this goal is a bit foolhardy. But I don't want the goal to be "write a 50,000 word story" because I'm not looking for word count. I can do word count, but now it's time to make the words count for something else. The bigger goal would be to get said story published -- traditionally or indie, I'm not sure. It'll be a new adventure.

The other thing I'm going to do is work on my Blender skills. I've been wanting to get back into 3D sculpting but that's also a time consuming thing. I'd like to continue practicing sculpting and learning some of the newer aspects of Blender such as geometry nodes.


I think in the future it could benefit this comic, especially if I can learn how to make more 3D assets and incorporate them with the 2D -- or convert the majority of my flow to 3D. One idea I've been having for a while is what if the characters were entirely rendered in 3D using non-photorealistic means? It could vastly speed up my workflow (or bog it down, lol).

I won't know unless I hone those skills and try new things. But the only way to try new things is to hop off the treadmill of creating content.

What About This Site?

I'll continue to be on hiatus for till end of February in terms of content updates, and then maybe there'll be monthly updates.

As to what they are, I'm not 100% certain. Maybe progress reports, but they might be fairly vague unless it's related to 3D sculpting. In that case I could make a new "book" on the site and post updates in it.

I hope your weekend is going well, and I'll see you when I see ya!

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