Magical Girl Exercise Routine Part 2!

Mar 20, 2021, 3:00:00 PM

Last week we focused on stretches...

This week it's time to get ripped to fight monsters!

Magical Girl Exercise Routine:

  • 10 Pushups
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Leg Raises

Do it 10 times. Fast as you can! Knowing Kamiko, she probably does this strength training as many days a week as possible.

Is that gonna get you ripped? I actually don't know. Is it better than doing nothing? Well, I would assume so.

And you'd probably want to pair this with a decent diet.

Her strength training regime isn't too much different than my own. These are some of the core exercises I use for a full body strength training workout. These are also body weight exercises that I can do at home with minimal equipment -- I use a yoga mat. She just uses the balcony of her apartment.

One thing I'd love to do is more pull ups, but I don't really trust having a pull up bar hanging over a doorway. So I currently don't have a solution for that yet.

I Want to Exercise Too!

The basis for this routine comes from Tiktok -- of all places.

When I was active on that social media platform, I followed a guy named Hampton who runs a site/company/gym called Hybrid Calisthenics, and on his website you can find some good videos about how to do these exercises and ramp up over time. I also liked Hampton's friendly personality and positive attitude.

When I started I couldn't do many full push-ups. I started with countertop push-ups and kneeling pushups. Over a few months I shifted to full pushups. That website recommends leg raises over sit-ups. I've read that doing full sit-ups might not be great for your back, but leg raises exercise the same parts of your abs.

Oh, and like Kamiko I do like to do a run outside -- although not in heels for me. I'll leave the specialized magical girl training in "hooves" to her.

I think I talked about this last time, but when I started jogging, I got headaches and I couldn't run very far. If I pushed it, maybe a block. Overtime though I got to run further and further. I learned how to pace myself. And now, when it's sunny I find it enjoyable. I'm not pinning my hopes on losing a ton of weight, but rather I hope it keeps my heart healthy.

As for Kamiko's gremlin buddies, they don't seem as agile or capable as she is, but Ernest certainly seems to know her schedule better than she does.

More next week...