Kamiko's Magical Girl Exercise Routine!

Mar 13, 2021, 4:00:00 PM

Exercising at 6:30 in the morning??

Even that's early for me.

But you know, the early bird...

I don't think the gremlins understand the point of it either. Its naptime but with different shapes of movement. Kamiko though, believes that if she's going to be the best magical girl there is, she's gotta work on her physical fitness. Not everything can be about magical transformation!

And maybe one day she'll be flexible enough to lift her leg all the way up over her head.

My Exercise Routine

As for me, back in September of 2020 I started to exercise too -- I had to do something because I had spent months in self-quarantine. First time out: I realized I couldn't run more than a block without my head hurting and a lot of huffing and puffing. Over time and practice, I found myself running a little further each time. Soon I realized I enjoyed the process. I felt myself getting better at it.

It began to get colder but the weather is temperate here. I used to never go out if it hit 60F degrees. Too chilly. But, I began to test that. Sure enough in the sun its fine. I'd go out, run, and my body would get warmed up by the exertion. So I ran 2-3 times a week. On weekends. During my lunch break. It was a chance to get out and work up a sweat. And get some lunch to take back. It's finally March and admittedly I'm not out running but that's because the rain and wind is kicking in. I'll resume in a few weeks -- that's my hope. In the mean time I have other means of exercise.

Aside from running I also began to do strength exercises -- pushups, leg raises, etc. to help me build some core and arm strength. It's at least something I can do indoors for my own health and well-being.

I don't run or do these exercises with the hope of losing weight from it.

No, that's definitely a lose-lose game for me. Okay, well, I've read that strength training is a good way to increase your metabolism, so maybe in some miniscule way that helps me lose weight by increasing muscle mass, but I'm not counting on it (for me).

A long time ago, I learned the only way to lose weight is to eat better. Smaller portions. More protein to satisfy hunger. A plant based diet most of the time. I cook meat sparingly but I haven't entirely phased it out from my diet.

I don't see this as a fad diet. But real dietary change, and not too much out of my ordinary consumption. Little changes here and there. Changes I can build into my grocery shopping list -- yeah, I cook at home a lot rather than do takeout.

I hope that doing all of this makes my heart healthier and gives me more energy.

And the result is, I've lost some weight and I enjoy exercising a lot more. Back in September, I knew I was in a bad place weight-wise when sitting caused me pain. I was getting to rotund and sedentary for my own good.

My foray into exercising is what mostly inspired this comic and the next few too.

That's helped me cope with our shelter-at-home. How about you? How are you coping?

I know restrictions are being lifted now. Soon there will be small gatherings allowed. I still believe we are far from normal, but we are making steps in the right direction. Stay safe and have a good weekend!