Magical Girl Thug!

Oct 11, 2018, 11:00:32 PM

Magical Girl Thug!

"Which of you dummies is next?" Kamiko called.

She raised her Rod of Love and pressed it to the back of her neck. She tapped the long handle with her fingers and glared at the four remaining demons at her feet.

One picked it's nose and looked uneasily at her.

A one-eyed monster blinked at her.

A third yawned and stretched his arms seemingly unaware of what transpired.

One with five eyes clapped his paws and smiled at Kamiko.

The others startled back into the moment and also applauded her and cheered her.

She watched them, frozen in her stance. Would she have to golf club swing her way through the rest of them?

Five-eyes ran at her clapping and laughing.

The other three followed him.

"Hey! Hey!" Kamiko said unsure of what she should do.

(to be continued...)


I've got a timelapse for Magical Girl Thug too!