Hugs, Not Thugs!

Oct 12, 2018, 11:00:41 PM

Hugs, Not Thugs!

"Wait! What???" Kamiko yelled.

Three of the four fur babies ran up to her and lunged at her. They embraced her and made cooing noises.

"What the heck!" Kamiko cried again. She nearly stumbled when one of the monsters embraced her leg like a Koala hugging a tree.

The five-eyed demon wrapped himself around her leg and she kicked back and tried to kick him off of her, but his grip was strong. He rubbed his face against her leg and she prayed he wouldn't try to hump her like a dog.

"Gross, gross, gross..." Kamiko chanted to herself.

She sighed.

They were dumb monsters.

Maybe now that their leader was gone they wouldn't be so bad. She looked at the beast embracing her waist.

"Well... I guess I can't really mess you guys up... without just cause."

(to be continued...)


The full timelapse for this Inktober 2018 drawing: