Welcome to WcJohnalds!

Oct 23, 2018, 1:30:03 AM

"Welcome to WcJohnalds!"

"Irasshaimase!" The clerk behind the counter shouted happily as Kamiko walked through the sliding front doors. "Oooo... what the hell..."

Behind Kamiko lumbered her four new tiny friends. They had never been openly invited to a human establishment before and only ever seen such a place from afar.

So, this is what the humans did for food. They went to dwellings that contained food. The aromas, a mixture of animal and vegetable surrounded the four demon baby beasts and filled their nostrils with delight. Could this satisfy their hunger... hunger for humans in a completely different way?

The other patrons seated around the WcJohnalds establishment glanced up at the sight of the four hell beasts. There were salarymen and women who were finishing their day at work and grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading back home on the late train. There was an elderly man with nowhere to go muching in fries. The monsters woke him from his stupor and he shielded his food and stared at them with grumpy disdain.

No one had ever seen such a strange procession of animals. They followed the woman to the counter top. No one had ever seen a woman such as Kamiko either. What a bizarre staff she held -- a heart with wings. Was her clothing some kind of uniform? Was this apart of a show? Were they on TV now?

There were so many questions and shifting eyes and people who wanted to chow down in peace and quiet before turning in for the night.

"C, can I... help you?" The clerk behind the counter asked.