Give Us Food!

Nov 6, 2018, 5:00:14 PM

Give Us Food!

"Yeah we'd like to get a buttload of food," Kamiko said. The baby demons jumped up onto her shoulders. The one with five eyes made it all the way up to her head and peered at the WcJohnalds cashier.

The monsters were all smiles, except for Kamiko. Her eyes drooped. She yawned. How long had she been traipsing through the park and staking these monsters out only to come away with them to a fast food establishment?

"W, what would you like?"

"Meat," Kamiko said.

Ernest hopped up and down at Kamiko's side. "Yes! Meat! That would be most preferable for us! A lot of meat!"

"Yeah, yeah, give these guys the biggest meal you got," Kamiko said. "Maybe it'll keep them from eating the patrons."

"Ohh... W, well!" The clerk said glancing between the cuddly demons and Kamiko. "Then I've got the special for you! How would you like to try the Bacon Bacon on Bacon with Bacon Baconnaise."

"I'm... listening," Kamiko said.

'It's a full pounder, our biggest burger! The patty is made of ground pork, and then it's wrapped with a bacon lattice and deep fried to perfection! Then instead of lettuce we put a layer of crispy bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and more bacon. Then there's a thick smear of fresh-made organic baconnaise. The buns are dipped in bacon drippings and given a flash fry! Based on our research, bacon was the number one ingredient that people loved, and we decided, you can't have enough of it!"

"Nasty," Kamiko said. "I'll get four. I'll just get a salad and some fries."

"Bacon fries?"

"Are the fries just bacon, or?"

"Both! The fries are actually just rolled bacon deep fried in bacon grease and served with a side of bacon honey gazed dip!"

Kamiko grimaced. "I'll get a WcPhlurry too."

The woman at the counter tapped in their order...

(to be continued...)


Here's the timelapse from last month's Inktober drawing for Kamiko and her new baby demons!