Aww, You're Kinda Cute!

Nov 8, 2018, 5:00:06 PM

Aww, You're Kinda Cute!

Kamiko carried their food back to an empty table in the corner of WcJohnalds. Her furry friends bounced up on to the cushy seats and stared at the wrapped mountain of food and tray full of fries. When they "embiggened" their meals at WcJohnalds, they meant it. The soda sizes were bigger. The burgers heftier. The fries plentiful. The pungent smell of bacon permeated every inch of the space in front of Kamiko's nose.

She unwrapped one mammoth burger and handed it to the furry demon with five eyes.

"There you go buddy," Kamiko said. "Eat up!" She helped the others get to their burgers. Only Ernest had the dexterity and mental acuity to unwrap his own burger. He used his claws to slice away chunks of it and savored each greasy bite. The others tried to cram the burgers into their mouths but found that they could not smash the strange human food in with one bite.

Ernest tsk and chided them. "No, no. You must take smaller bites! And enjoy the food." He translated this into grunts and groans and the demons took smaller wads of their bacon burgers and ate.

"You're a weird one," Kamiko said. "How'd you get book-learnin' smarts?" She asked Ernest as she ate her salad.

"Well, the devil taught me!" Ernest said. "He also named me so! Because I was so earnest in my intention to learn and grow."

"The devil, huh?"

"He's a goat who stands on his hind legs. He's often misunderstood, you see."

"All right, sure," Kamiko said stuffing several bacon fries into her mouth. The cashier wasn't kidding, it was all bacon and dripping with grease. She dipped another one in the bacon sauce and regretted shoving so much concentrated grease and bacon into her mouth. "Oh god, who would have thought I was going to die from this place tonight. So look, you guys are gonna go back to the park after this, right?"

"Yes," Ernest said with an uncertain tone.

"And you're not going to eat a bunch of humans, right?"

"Well..." the furry monsters glanced at one another. The one with five eyes picked his nose and ate it along with another wad of his bacon burger. He whined and made little crying sounds at Ernest.

"Must we go?"

Kamiko thought as she munched on another greasy fry. She had dropped some of the grease on her blouse and it was already staining it. "Man," she lamented. "Well... look, I know you want to eat humans. It's bad for business, my business, and bad for you, cause I'm just gonna do to you what I did to your 'Aghagrogg grogg' friend, you know?"

"We can't stay." Ernest sighed. The monster with five eyes whined and cooed while he ate. He blinked each of his sad eyes at Kamiko while shoving bacon into his face.

Kamiko sat back in her chair.

"Aww, you're kinda cute," she said. "Maybe you should stay with me for a bit. You know, stay out of trouble until I can find a more permanent thing to do with you guys."

"Of course!" Ernest said.

"Good, we can talk to my..." Kamiko sighed. "We'll talk to Her tomorrow."

"Her?" Ernest asked.

"Oh yeah, Her." Kamiko stuffed another bacon fry into her mouth. How was she going to explain this to her?

(to be continued...)