It's Going... Going... Gone! Magical Homerun!!

Oct 10, 2018, 11:00:43 PM

It's Going... Going... Gone! Magical Homerun!!

Poink! That was the sound a metal baseball bat made connecting with a ball.

Crack! That was the sound a wooden slugger made with a ball.

But Gerry?

Ploff! A spray of hair and dirt floated in front of Kamiko as she finished her swing. That was the sound of meat hitting the Rod of Love.

She saw the furball sail into the sky and right out towards the horizon into the darkness beyond.

He'd be back. She was certain of it. Demons, ghouls, monsters, spirits, gods... none of them ever died easily. Death she had heard was possible, but the cost incredible. No, things like her, like these baby fur demons would have to be sealed away for good to keep their power in check.

With Gerry gone, Kamiko turned her attention to the four remaining monsters in front of her.

(to be continued...)


Here's the timelapse video: