Magical Baseball!

Oct 9, 2018, 11:00:13 PM

Magical Baseball!

Baseball was always a passion for Kamiko growing up. When her name was something else and she lived in a shell of meat and bone. It came to her movements instinctively.

Kamiko had a better idea, as she watched the tiny monster come at her with all his rage. His claws were out ready to maul her.

She had played baseball in middle school and only stopped because they wouldn't let her start, take the field, or bat, or anything once she entered high school. All her Koshien dreams dashed because she wasn't born the right gender, but as she recalled that bitterness, she channeled it towards the angry demon running at her.

With one deft move, Kamiko kicked forward and tucked the toe of her shoe between Gerry's legs. His voice squeaked at an even higher pitch. She kicked up and launched Gerry into the air like a furry hackysack.

Kamiko twirled the Rod of Love between her hands and gripped the end. She planted her feet and twisted her torso. She pulled her arms back and raised the Rod of Love up high over her head. The heart jewel glinted off the overhead street lamp. For a moment she saw the flash of a baseball field and the high green wall at the end of the field. Her coach had always told her to aim for the wall. Today she aimed for the heavens.

Gerry floated in front of her. His little mouth contorted in a mix of confusion and apprehension. He noticed. Too late though. He contorted his tiny body as it fwipped through the air, but there was nothing to be done about his upwards trajectory.

Kamiko wiggled her Rod of Love and stepped back.

She swung...