Magical Yelling At You

Oct 8, 2018, 11:00:53 PM

Magical Yelling always works!

"Hey!" Kamiko said coming out from behind the hedge. "Don't eat humans!" She waggled her finger at the tiny fur baby demons.

"AGROGG??" Gerry cried out. His eyes wide with surprise. Who the heck was this? How long had she been there? Why didn't he smell her? Now that he could smell her, she had the distinct sent of smelling like the incense burnt at a shrine to keep ghouls and spirits away. "Agrogg! Blarg Urbo Plargh!" He wagged his fist at her.

Kamiko planted the Rod of Love on the ground. "I'd like to see you try it, you little butthole."

Gerry raised his claws to the sky and screamed out a garbled, angry cry.

"Oh dear," Ernest said stepping back. "He's called you a lot of horrible names just now."

The others stepped aside so that Gerry had a clear line of sight to Kamiko.

Kamiko stood her ground and continued to waggle her finger at him. "Yeah, well in the name of love and... J, justice? Dang it, I forgot the whole spiel. Whatever. Get over here so I can beat ya!" She scraped her heel against the pavement and widened her stance.

Gerry ran at her with all his tiny might...