Stories For Another Time

Sep 4, 2017, 7:15:34 AM

Stories for Another Time...

Here are some stories for another time...

What happened in Las Vegas?

Did Baldy really die?

What did Kamiko do while working at Area 51 as a Deputy Director?

What the heck is a Deputy Director?

Well, if you're interested in what happens next, leave a comment, and if there's interest, maybe we'll do one of those one day. This is the last page I wanted to do for Lady of the Moon. I want to move onto the next thing. I'm excited for what's coming, so I need to free the time up for it.

This comic is also a throw back to The Rabbit and the Moon and takes place during the last chapter "Home."

You can read that chapter here. Although if you haven't read that big graphic novel, here's the beginning of the comic.

So what's next?

First, I'm gonna take a break. Draw some other stuff. Yes, there will be some related to This Mortal Coil and I'll share it here as I go on. I do have a concept for the next comic. I've talked about it in the blog comments now and then over the past year.

Instead of a single story done as a long, single graphic novel, I want to create a "hub" where I can tell a lot of smaller stories, ongoing overarching stories, and gag comics. I'd like to introduce new characters (contemporaries to Kamiko). I want to explore Kamiko a lot more and give her a home and a sense of reality. She's not just running around having adventures, but she's got a place to go home to as well.

At least that's the concept for the next story.

I want to share the pre-production work for it on social media and this website. So you'll see be seeing some of that in the coming weeks. It won't be as tidy as these high contrast comics and I'm not totally sure yet how I will present that material to you.

The Website

There's some work I'd like to do for the website as well.

I bet you didn't know there are multiple stories for Kamiko on this site.

A problem I noticed doing ads with Project Wonderful again is that older stories don't get to be discovered. Folks who come here to read my comic, only really find Lady of the Moon. One of Us, The Rabbit of the Moon, etc., aren't being discovered so I'd like to figure out a way to expose them.

Another thing could be making a side bar for the comic page so I can expose more stuff. If folks don't scroll then I need to get my message across all on the same page. (It's a long time coming...)

Convention: Alternate Press Expo

I'm doing one convention later this September. I'll be at the Alternate Press Expo in San Jose this September 23-24 (Saturday and Sunday). There will be books for sale as well as prints of Kamiko.

I'll be honest with ya, it's the first time I'm doing this and I have no expectation of what will happen. Will any of it sell? I don't know, but if you're coming out to the Alternate Press Expo come by and say hello!

I'll have a post with more of what I'm selling later this week or next.

That's all for now! See you next week!

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