Apr 24, 2017, 7:20:29 AM


Staaahp! Jade don't break anything. Damn. Too late.

Well, that definitely changes how the Apollo mission to the moon happened.

The concept for this comic was simple, but it seemed to take me forever to draw this. It definitely took more than the usual 4-5 hours to put this one together.

I particularly enjoyed putting in all the sound effects (especially that last one).

It's been a week since I moved down to Los Angeles. I'm getting used to my new commute, my new apartment, new job, and my new city. It's different. I'm still a bit anxious about some things, but I think it'll be okay. Really though, gotta give it a month or two to know for sure.

Apartment-wise, just about everything is unboxed and put somewhere except for one or two anime statues. I still want to take a decluttering pass at the apartment to ditch some more junk or sell stuff. There are some machines I have yet to hook up to the Internet, but I rarely use those machines anyway. I don't have TV, and I'm contemplating cutting that cord cold turkey. I've got some Netflix to tide me over, and I hope once I can adapt to things here I'll spend my time making things instead of idly watching TV.

Oh, and maybe I can play some of those games without TV as a constant distraction. First-world problems, right?

I'm mostly commuting by Metro to downtown and I hope that will give me some time to read books that have been sitting around my bookshelf for ages now. It'll also give me a decent excuse to exercise as I walk to and from the train station.

Another thing on the todo list is to create Drawing Meats LA.

Until next time...