Get Out!!

Apr 17, 2017, 7:30:13 AM

Get Out!

Get out! is the next comic in Lady of the Moon.

Jade's the angry old rabbit of the moon, but he's been around for a while and doesn't really take kindly to people sticking flags onto his front "lawn."

There was no comic the previous week because I spent that time packing up and moving. I scheduled this ahead of time, but in theory, I'm all moved to La La Land and tomorrow I'll be starting a new job in downtown.

If you're curious why that first panel looks so familiar, it's because I found an image of Aldrin saluting the American flag and *gasps* traced over it.

Yup, I did it. I committed a cardinal sin of art. Surprisingly it took more time to trace that panel than drawing and painting all of the other ones combined for this comic.

I don't have a good excuse. Oh, I could say it's a nice way to anchor the fantasy of the story back to the real world history of the event (unless you believe it was filmed in a sound stage in Area 51). I really enjoyed rendering the wrinkles in the flag and deciding what was black and white. I've seen that image so many times. I didn't realize there was a cable on the ground from the lunar module to the camera, but I assume if they were going to broadcast the images back to Earth they would need to do that. It's not like they had iPhones back in the 60s. :)

So, now I'm a resident of Los Angeles again. My Alma mater is USC so I've been there before, but mostly stayed stuck on campus. Then I moved north and I had a bike and two feet and mostly stayed stuck where I worked. Later I got a car but I'll be honest, I don't know where to go or what to do. I'm a homebody, but I mean to try and change that. We'll see how that goes.