Space Things

Mar 27, 2017, 7:30:52 AM

Space Things

This week's comic is called Space Things!

Just cause you're in space doesn't mean everything has to be prefixed with space.

Here are notes about Chang'e's various jobs.

If you've read The Rabbit and the Moon, you might remember what Chang'e and Jade's house looks like:

Shirakawa go house | Space Things | Lady of the Moon | This Mortal Coil

Shirakawa go house | Space Things | Lady of the Moon | This Mortal Coil

The inspiration for their farmhouse comes from the Shirakawa gō village in central Japan.

There's a great documentary on NHK World's Begin Japanology about this region of Japan and it's unique farmhouse design, which I used as my original source of inspiration for their home. Here's the embedded Youtube video (if you come at a later time you may miss it, if NHK World pulls it for whatever reason):

One of the things the villagers did was raise silkworms, hence one of Chang'e's jobs is to raise and tend to the (space-) silkworms and twine their strands of silk together to make threads. I assume Chang'e does the whole 9-yards. She makes spools of thread and looms silk cloth. She probably even dyes the cloth.

And, I know that you know what the important question is when discussing space silkworms and space farmhouses and living on the moon.

Who does she sell all this silk too?

That's an answer for another time and story.

As for her other jobs -- obviously farming and tending to the crops is another thing she does. Oh, and the third thing, the bluebell. Well, if your read it, that flower is related to the Rabbit and the Moon.

That does mean this story is a prequel to the Rabbit story.

That's some background on today's comic.

I'm going to be moving soon so comics may show up sporadically on the site, but hopefully by end of April things will be sorted.

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I got nothing else for you this week!

Enjoy the comic!