To the Moon, Page 6

Mar 30, 2016, 1:00:26 PM

Mission Accomplished

I remember when I came up with This Mortal Coil. It was January 2010.

I was exercising on a treadmill and finishing up Neil Gaiman's Sandman vol. 1. It was the last chapter of that volume that brought together a bunch of things floating through my head from comics, anime, and mythology that I was reading. A confluence of influence as my old writing instructor at USC would say.

A girl who becomes a god and helps mortals.

They would be adventure stories that could play loose with time, space, myth, belief, and ideas. It would be fun and pulpy. She would be a Gothic Lolita. The comic would be done in black and white like the Tao Te Ching symbol (or if you're a comic fan, like Sin City).

That year I wrote and drew the first story "One of Us", which you can read on the site. I drew it for an ashcan we did for Drawing Meats.

I started writing The Rabbit and the Moon on March 13 2012 (give or take) and 18 months later, after writing the script, building the website, and drawing and finishing the first 32 pages I launched it on September 4th 2013.

Well this morning, March 28 2016, I finished what I started.

I inked the last page of This Mortal Coil: The Rabbit and the Moon.

After four years, the job is done.

Mission Accomplished.

The Rabbit and the Moon will serialize weekly on Wednesdays until May 11th, but...

This is only the beginning...

I hope to produce more stories for Kamiko and expand her universe. Obviously 4 years to make one story is a little too long.

I need time off first. I'd like to read books, play video games, and bask in the glory of finishing this gigantic project. I need time to recharge my batteries. Don't worry, there will still be goodies. There's the rest of the Loilta Turntable to finish. There's also The Shrine, which is another adventure in storytelling for me, and now I can devote more time to playing with it.

There are ideas for new stories, but it'll take time to develop them.

I also would like to try and do some other things with this website, which kinda segues into the next thing I have for today.

Interviews with a Webcomic Creator

I did two interviews this past January. They were questionnaires I filled out, so there wasn't any face-to-face, but it did allow me to share This Mortal Coil and myself as a creator.

Here's my interview with Best Webcomics.

Click on over if you want to read about my inspirations for This Mortal Coil and find out what I would do if Yoda showed up at my apartment with a blunderbuss. (He hasn't yet...)

...And what I would do if I could disappear a country.

...Or if I had a question for God. (I have plenty of questions for Kamiko.)

I did a second interview at Velvet Rasputin.

It's a little more straight forward, but you can learn about the full spectrum of my work with building This Mortal Coil.

Doing both interviews did get me thinking though.

It might be fun to do a series of interviews with other comic creators here on This Mortal Coil, and now that the production of The Rabbit and the Moon is done, that's something I can consider.

I've always been curious as to how other artists work, and I bet there's a lot I can learn from interviewing other webcomic creators and artists. I don't know how I'll do it yet. Maybe I'll start out with a questionnaire. Maybe interviews over Skype? Cold email? Tweet at comickers?

I'm not sure yet. It's a idea though amongst many others I have -- new ways to drive people to check out my work and allow me to give something back.

If you're interested in the idea of interviewing, I'd be curious what you think in the comments below.

Oh yeah, and fan art...

It's been a busy week, and yeah, I forgot to upload fan art last Thursday and Monday. I'll do another piece tomorrow.

Have a good rest of the week!