To the Moon, Page 5

Mar 23, 2016, 1:00:41 PM

A new cute animal? Is he the moon god? I'm sure that goes without saying.

Fan art of Kamiko

One of the things we did at Drawing Meats was the "Original Character Challenge" and I offered up my character Kamiko for the first one to get the ball rolling. You can see the other entries for Kamiko here, and they'll all eventually show up on this site.

Kamiko in CG...

Dan's version of Kamiko was done as a 3D model and rendered using high contrast.

Kamiko CG Model by Dan Christensen

Kamiko CG Model by Dan Christensen

If you'd like to see more of his CG model -- the wireframe mesh and read his writeup about how he put her together, you can check out the fan art post I put together last Thursday.

A shoujo version of Kamiko...

Yang Shan, another member of Drawing Meats did this version of Kamiko in her sketchbook. She's fantastic at doing the thin-lined shoujo artwork:

Kamiko Fan art by Yang Shan

Kamiko Fan art by Yang Shan

Do You Want Your Fan Art Featured here?

I have a lot of fan art stowed away for This Mortal Coil now, so you'll see more of these art pieces go up in the coming weeks. I'll post on Mondays and Thursdays just to give each piece some breathing room.

To see some more fan art of Kamiko, follow this link: Fan Art Gallery.

If you do some fan art for This Mortal Coil, I'd love to show it off here and give you a chance to share your own work. You can ping me on my twitter account @AlbinoGrimby or contact me via the "Contact" page here.