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May 11, 2016, 1:00:56 PM

Kamiko takes Hana Home

..."Will I be alone?" asked Hana.

Kamiko will reply to her next week.

Did You See Kamiko Dressed as General Hux?

Here's the link to the latest Lolita Turntable image 29/30 "First Order Kamiko."

Lolita Fashion #29: First Order Kamiko

Oh, if you're curious to see what the turntable looks like right now, here it is from my twitter account:

#lolitafashion drawings 1-14, 29-30. It's got a bit of everything. I'm gonna be working on 28 soon. #oc #art pic.twitter.com/uB2JCT5N2c

— Glenn (@AlbinoGrimby) May 10, 2016

Stay tuned, there's one more page next week!

Look forward to it!

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