A Wolf's Cry, Page 5

Jul 4, 2015, 1:00:09 PM

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry Page 5

Happy Tuesday! Today's How It's Made focuses on page 5 of A Wolf's Cry. Take a look at the script, the storyboard, pencils, and final artwork.

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry blog image

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry blog image


1a. Natsumi with her bow ready at the wolf.

NATSUMI You want to save him??

HANA Bunbun said if we kill him, something really bad will happen to the moon lady! Space lady said that there's no point to seal him either and the tall lady said we would need a miracle! But...

1b. Hana turns to the wolf.

HANA ...If we give you the elixir, could you forgive us? Be our kami again? Watch over us? 1c. The wolf's eye goes wide as he hears the girl talk about him.


2a. Hana looking dejected as she protects the wolf.

NATSUMI He's a big dumb animal. Just get out of the way and let me kill him!

2b. She droops her head even more.

2c. She looks like she's moving away, she turns her head away from the wolf and she's dejected looking. Nobody will listen to her.

HANA No! Natsumi... (Angry)

3. (long panel) Natsumi shoots the arrow.


One of the difficulties with this page was to fit all of the text into the first frame for that dialogue between Hana and Natsumi. Although it's not shown here, I thought to make the word bubbles a shield around Hana blocking Natsumi's arrow. That's essentially what she's doing anyway -- trying to talk big sis down from deicide.

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 Storyboard

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 Storyboard


For the first frame, I actually borrowed from a previous page of the comic. There was another shot of Natsumi looking down her arrow at the wolf, and now she gets to do it again, and make it count, right!

There's also some copy and paste in the third row. The wolf primarily acts as a backdrop and it's Hana who changes over the three frames.

This is one of those pages where there's a lot of information to squeeze in.

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 Pencils

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 Pencils

Final Art

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 No Text

A Wolf's Cry, Page 5 No Text

That's all for this week. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I'll answer them, or feel free to tweet your comments to me too, and I'll answer you there.