A Wolf's Cry, Page 4

Jun 27, 2015, 1:00:42 PM

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry - 4

Happy Tuesday! This is the next installment of How It's Made. This time we look at the script, storyboard, pencil work, and final art for the 4th page of A Wolf's Cry.

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry - 4 blog image

How It's Made: A Wolf's Cry - 4 blog image


1. The wolf's snout is drooped. Hana looks down too. Whatever vengeance and hatred the wolf harbored has dwindled with his growing weariness.

WOLF But now, the age of gods has past. Horseless carts run faster than I ever could. Metal birds soar the sky. Your nests are now as tall as mountains. And what of I?

HANA If you take the elixir, what will you do? Will you kill us? Can you forgive us?

2a. There's a rustling and the wolf turns around and Hana stands up.

2b. Natsumi is standing in the overgrowth with her bow drawn. She has the wolf dead to rights but Hana is standing between them.

NATSUMI Hana, move. I'm going to kill this monster.

WOLF Will you repeat the Archer's mistake?

NATSUMI A life for a life.

  1. Hana stands in front of the wolf god with her hands up. She's angry with Natsumi.

HANA We can't kill him!


HANA Something bad will happen! We have to give him the elixir!


To be honest, this page is pretty straight forward, so I'll just present the behind-the-scenes work. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below.

A Wolf's Cry - 4 - storyboard

A Wolf's Cry - 4 - storyboard


A Wolf's Cry - 4 - pencil

A Wolf's Cry - 4 - pencil

Final Art

A Wolf's Cry - 4 - Final Art

A Wolf's Cry - 4 - Final Art

That's all for this week of How It's Made. By the way, if you ever want to see old ones, they're actually linked on the comic page itself. You'll see a section that says "Author Notes" and if you expand that section under the comic, you can get a link to the blog post about it.