Feb 6, 2021, 4:00:00 PM

It's like our girl Kamiko is posing for a magazine shoot. I drew this on my iPad 2 years ago. I really liked how the pose, her face, and the outfit turned out. The sleeves aren't quite right, but I was doing this as a doodle, so whatevs with that.

Also she's got her scarf which I later stopped drawing -- I honestly keep forgetting it, but now that I've forgotten it so often I've pretty much omitted it from her outfit.

But hey, I can always bring it back with a different variation of her outfit in a future story!

What about the New Comic?

Isn't that the question each and every week. So here's where we are: there's maybe 7 pages of content done. I'm more active with the Webcomic Underdogs folks again and I did a crossover comic, so that will be the February 14th comic. We all agreed that would be a Valentine's Day comic so I'll release it that day meaning there will be no comic on February 13th (that Saturday). Keep it in mind!

Or, I dunno maybe I should draw a quick pre-Valentine's day doodle for you guys here? I'll think on it.

I could start serializing the new work soon after. In my head I want at least 10 pages.

10 pages = 10 weeks.

In that time it would allow me to draw up more pages and try and keep ahead.

I'm still thinking about when to start serializing the new work. I'll have more thoughts on it next week for ya.

That's all I got. I'm eager to share the new pages and show off a lot of the new work I've done. Until that time arrives, have a safe and great weekend. I plan to watch the Super Bowl and play some video games with friends.

Oh, and you know... do some drawing... :)