Here Comes Gerry's Big Bro Yo!

Feb 20, 2021, 4:00:00 PM

...And we're back!

With something new!

I mean... technically all those pinups of Kamiko were new to you too, since I never really posted it on the website and my social media doesn't have much reach.

But you came here for comics!

And, really whatever I'm gonna be able to get ya art-wise since we're working on a shoestring budget).

So, here it is, the continuation of Magical Girl Kamiko.

You remember Gerry?

Kamiko only ever took care him by knocking him out of the park, and we never did find out what happened to him. Then there was the open question: What about the other monsters that rejoiced in Gerry's demise? You know, his brothers.

Well, that's something we'll touch upon with the new comics. A true continuation!

And we'll get around to all the other stuff too.

Comic Formatting

There's also a new format for the comics as well!

A lot of the work I did in 2020 was formatted for Instagram -- which, low and behold, I never posted too. I don't need to really format the comic like a traditional manga or graphic novel either. So, I'm trying more of a webtoons format.

Does that mean you'll see these comics on webtoons?

I'm actually not sure about that either. I had begun posting some of This Mortal Coil there years ago, but I got little traction. It's a lot of extra work and with my new "I'm done with social media" stance, I've shrunk the constellation of apps and websites I'm using down to just one: here.

This Mortal Coil will be hosted here.

Only here.

I spent a lot of time building this site and the experience of reading the comic here, and it's very odd to think that the first thing I want to do is drive traffic to someone else's website.

So this is the home of the new pages of Magical Girl Kamiko for the foreseeable future.

Please enjoy the new work that's coming!

I hope you have a good weekend, and I'll see you next week!