Magical Weapon!

Oct 4, 2018, 3:29:06 AM

Magical Weapon!

Kamiko snapped her fingers. A staff twirled through the night sky and snapped into her grip. She wondered at times: how did this magical weapon know where she was? What if she was in the bathroom? Would snapping her fingers cause the Rod of Love to fly through the wall right into her grasping hand?

Yes. That name. The Rod of Love.

That's not what Kamiko would have called it.

It was a long staff, about half her height, but seemed to grow and shring based on the temperature or, maybe, it's own temperment. The heart at the end was an oversized multifaceted jewel -- a ruby, Kamiko determined. The rod would be worth a lot. The wings and case for the jewel were made of 24 karot gold and the shaft a strong metal alloy.

The Goddess of Love named it and bestowed it upon her along with her new clothes and station as a warrior for love and justice -- whatever that meant. Kamiko figured, the Goddess made it up. It sounded important, as if she were some kind of soldier on the battlefield of love or a herald for the deity.

At times, Kamiko wasn't even sure that the goddess was who she said she was. Would the universe really need a Goddess of Love? Did an abstract concept and emotion need a deity behind it to lend it gravitas?

Despite giving it to her as a sacred weapon, Kamiko wasn't quite sure what it did. There was no manual. She waited for some "magical girl" instructions. Maybe she had to shout something? Isn't that how it worked in all of the bishoujo anime series? No, she wasn't given much more than that.

The rod of love was a long, heavy shaft that made it annoying to carry around.