Magical Girl Stakeout!

Oct 3, 2018, 7:28:53 AM

It's a Magical Girl Stakeout!


It was well past the witching hour and Kamiko found herself waiting behind the hedges at the local park.

Demonic activity was afoot, and if there was anyone around to stop it, it would be her.

She had bought herself a sushi roll and some juice at the local conbi before heading out to the park. Several of the local children in the neighboring mansion had said they saw little people out in the field. They had horns on their heads. An unsuspecting salaryman crossed paths with them, and to the children's horror, the little people jumped him and tore him apart.

There were no police reports. No witnesses. No trace of the body. Gone. Devoured the kids said. Nobody believed them. Just a trick of the night, or was it?

They refused to play in the park or even cross it afraid of the little people, and when they happened across Kamiko at the local shrine, they begged her to take a look.

Kamiko squatted behind a hedge and peered out into the open park field. She pulled the chopsticks apart breaking them unevenly and scooped up a piece of sushi and waited for any signs of little people. She had her ideas: demons. They were always looking for a meal when they woke up. If she didn't take care of them, they'd become a nuisance to these people.

Kamiko set her empty sushi tray on the ground and sipped the rest of her juice. She poked her head out towards the fields and examined the shadows for any sign of movement. Nothing.

She shook the can but stopped. Behind her, she could hear the leaves of the hedge rustle ever so slightly. The hairs on her neck prickled. She listened to the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps. Behind her, close to her back, she could sense the presence of something.

She held firm to the can and swung it behind her.


She examined the hedge. No trace of anything.

She examined the can and found a puncture mark through the middle of it. A razor-sharp claw had mauled the aluminum can. The shredded metal dripped blood. Whatever had done it injured itself.

Out in the field, she heard a tiny voice barking orders in a demonic animalistic language.

With the snap of her finger, she summoned her staff and peered around the hedge.

To Be Continued...

Watch out behind you, Kamiko!

Well, whatever I'm sure she'll figure it out.

Can you Asian squat? I actually can't. It's harder than it looks. I always end up lifting my heels up, but that's not a problem for Kamiko since she's already wearing heels and she's probably used to it anyway.

Timelapse Drawing

Here's a Youtube video of how I made this drawing.

I started on a notecard and then photographed it with my iPad. I used procreate and did a rough sketch and continued to refine it until I ended up with her pose the way I wanted. I don't think it's perfect.


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