Magical Girl Kamiko!

Oct 2, 2018, 5:59:16 AM

Magical Girl Kamiko!

It's a totally different look for her. A little more pinup. Sexier than her Lolita threads.

You can check out different variations of her in the art gallery right here.

Timelapse Drawing

A timelapse sketch to final progress video I did for her. I couldn't show the coloring work since it's done on my Surface Pro and there's no good way to timelapse it without slowing down my machine while I work. I also include a lot of the color variations I created for her.

This comic's going to be really experimental

It won't be in the traditional black and white style that The Rabbit and the Moon and Lady of the Moon were done in. No, those are hard and waaaay too time-consuming. I would love to do another graphic novel, but it's out of the question for now.

Magical Girl Kamiko will be a mix of traditional artwork, digital, written short stories (with drawings), 4koma, animation, stand-alone illustrations, and short comics. I don't have a beginning, middle, and end planned and I intend to do this comic on my whim. Some of it might look semi-realistic while others are chibi. You might get a frame, or a few. There might be borders, but there might not be.

Okay, I do kinda have an idea as to when this happens in Kamiko's timeline and how it will end overall, but I don't know what the middle bits are. Or if there are middle bits. Or what order the middle bits should take place in.

There's no set schedule either. No Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Stare at the cover now; come back in six months and be delighted at the dearth or cornucopia of content.

So everything about this comic is prepared for doom and damnation from a practical sense.

It's like I learned nothing from doing Rabbit and the Moon.

Truth is: to hell with it.

Schedules for hobbies are hard. Life gets in the way of art, but I still want to make art and this is another venue.

But it lets me draw a sexier, pin-up version of Kamiko and write some goofball short stories. It lets me play with the medium of being online and having the freedom to express a story in a variety of ways. I hope that it lets me have a thought, make it, finish it, and then try something else.

It'll be a ride, especially for me. I like the unknowability of all this. It's potential for failure: High as a Kite.

Let's get this show on the road...