Let's Get A Bad Monster!

Sep 19, 2020, 12:00:27 PM

Let's Get a Real Bad Monster!

Kamiko explains to her new buddy what she does. I don't really think he gets it though.

What's New

The new computer's done.

I shuffled all my data onto it and sunset my old machines, but...

What to do with them?

I think one is destined for recycling, but my old tower. I'm still torn on. It's a workable PC. Still speedy. The graphics card is half-broken, but maybe I just toss that.

It's got bays for harddrives, so I could turn it into some glorified NAS and use it as a media repository and local backup drive.

I'm still thinking about it.

As for the data, it's all of my files from the last 20+ years of my life. Art projects, photographs, 3D models, writing, you name it. I merged all of that data and stuck it on a drive.

New Artwork

I posed for this drawing.

Posed in front of a mirror and snapped a photo. I'm certainly not as pretty as Miss Alice here. She's probably one of my oldest original characters and has a story all of her own.

You might even say she was the first version of Kamiko.

I invented her sometime in 1998? Yikes, a long time ago now.

Her personality is nothing like this drawing, but hey, everything is malleable especially with 22 years of distance.

Alice - Glittering Emerald

Alice - Glittering Emerald

So, would you like to see more of Miss Alice?