Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!
Linechat! Ara ara!

Linechat! Ara ara!

Aug 28, 2022, 2:19:04 AM

Aww, look who started texting with each other.

We're skipping a little out of the current timeline, but isn't texting just like that? Your friend texts you. You read the text. Then promptly forget about it until four days later when you think, "You know, probably too late now to text back." And your buddy thinks you've ghosted them. Then like three months later you get texted again about something and the cycle of life starts anew.

Catherine and Natsumi are now Spline app buddies, and Natsumi's well... got something to say...

Natsumi: YOooOoOo. hey u up?

Catherine: What do you want?

Natsumi: ara ara

[Picture omitted from text log]

Catherine: OMG where did you get that???

Natsumi: nip sip lol

Catherine: Are you going through my OnlyStans?? U better not!

Natsumi: onlystans? the porno site...

Catherine: OOOO did you sign up???

Natsumi: no im 2 cheap 4 dat.

Catherine: Are you too cheap to write using actual words, Natsumi? Wait, then how'd you get that??

[Picture ommitted from text log]

Natsumi: ho ho ho

[Picture ommitted from text log]

Natsumi: Someone put these online.

Catherine: Darnit. OMG that whole photo set better not be posted somewhere. At least I should be paid for your enjoyment of it!!

Natsumi: phootset? wat? like u do stuff with the candle cane. canedy i want to c

Catherine: Use your imagination dumbo. Also, I don't want you going through my OnlyStans page.

Natsumi: come on

[Picture ommitted from text log]

Natsumi: that's kawaii nyan nyan

Catherine: Oh! These are the free ones I put out a while back. I got a lot of subs for Halloween.

Natsumi: so there are lewds????


Catherine: I took those ones off the site. They're old. A lot of these are sooo old now. le sigh

Natsumi: so u have them at home?

Natsumi: im coming

Natsumi: lkjslfjal;kjjf kjdeeeeeee

Catherine: EWW TMI. Although I'm flattered, but still...

Natsumi: sry gremlin pooped and five eyes tried to eat my fone. im coming over 4 lewds

Catherine: Gremlin?? Wait, are you okay?? Natsumi where are you? I'm coming to you.

Natsumi: LOL TMI

Catherine: UGH, shut up, you are so dumb sometimes Natsumi.

Natsumi: かわいい かわいいですよ

Catherine: ありがとうございます、なつみちゃん。


Catherine: Absolutely not! Take a cold shower already. I'm going to sleep.

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