Catherine's Alternate Uniform Design

Sep 3, 2022, 7:54:03 AM

"...eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." said Natsumi as she was looking at Catherine new... uniform? Red, black, and gold. It was certainly a little something-something.

"Well, what do you think?" Catherine asked. She lowered her voice to a whisper, and said: "This drip don't quit, huh?" She pinched her cap and gave Natsumi a seductive side-eye.

Her words nearly made Natsumi grate her teeth together and rub them flat, but she took a deep breath and shook out the cringe.

"Do I know you?" Natsumi asked, her voice husky and dry. It wasn't too late to go solo again, she thought to herself and held her mouth in check afraid that she might blab it aloud.

"Yes you do!" Catherine balled her left hand into a fist and her leather glove made a pleasant ASMR-y squealing noise that would have given Natsumi tingles, that is if they were enjoying this magical girl cosplay in the confines of a private room. In public, Natsumi was getting tingles of another kind, hot prickling sensations as she hoped nobody was going to stop long enough to question who they were, why she was with Catherine, and what they were doing that required looking like a junior employee who only recently graduated from university and started work at an entry position for a boring company and a woman dressed like she was either going to conduct a marching band or declare war on a small European country.

Catherine struck a pose and snapped a smirk on her face. There was something about this girl and her fetishism for military-style looks. Natsumi felt that her own fashion sensibilities were being corrupted by proximity. In one vein, she was impressed -- Catherine knew what she was about and didn't step down from that ideal.

"Okay, Marching Band Barbie," Kamiko said. "As long as it's not distracting you from what we're supposed to be doing." It was, in fact, distracting Natsumi. "Yabai," she mumbled after drinking in the entire ensemble, nay, gulping it down and looking for seconds. "Why do you look like the drum major for a weird, sexy marching band? Natsumi decided, she couldn't even anymore. But despite it all, she narrowed her eyes and etched every last curve into her memory. For Natsumi, it was certainly 'yabai' in the drenched-in-blood military dress, rah-rah kind of way, but she wasn't going to say no to a spectacle done in fabric.

But she certainly wondered, if maybe she should pretend to be minding her own business a hundred meters away while drinking in Catherine's drippping wet, tall glass of blonde, gold, and blood red clothes.