Catherine's Big Headache

Oct 24, 2021, 6:52:58 AM

Looks like Catherine's got a big headache on her hands as she searches for her demon pupperino.


There's actually a lot of cameos and homages in this page! The cameos are from fellow webcomic creators from Webcomic Underdogs.

Kodiet Cameo

Seymoore Leighton

Seymoore Leighton

We have the very suave King Seymoore Leighton from Marquis Lee's Kodiet. In Kodiet he's hunting the main characters of that story and seems kinda uptight, but since Magical Girl Kamiko takes place in modern day Tokyo, he's a guy with a peacock fan and quite a king-ly haughty attitude. Truly, what is the world coming to with these horny dogs. I mean horndogs. Sorry, horned dogs... you know what I mean. It's stupid word play I'll never get tired of it. If you're looking for something with a heavy dose of fantasy to read check out Kodiet.

Groovy, Kinda Cameo

Groovy, Kinda

Groovy, Kinda

Next we have Reade Turner from Charlie Wise's Groovy, Kinda. Yeah, Catherine get a real job! Kamiko and Helena aren't even sure what kind of job she has. Is she a sexy cop? A sexy pilot? Well, one of her jobs is that she's a social media influencer and live streamer. That's how we met her way back when: live streaming on Pictogramme in her PJs with her fanbase. (Like you do.) I'm not exactly sure what she's a social media influencer for. Probably whips, chains, and a lot of leather. Whatever it is, it pays pretty well since she got all that money after the window of her apartment broke.

If you like wordplay and drunken romance check out Groovy, Kinda. Also, I drew some of the other characters in that series in a previous comic.

Also, I'd like to add, to draw this picture I did pose for it and snap a photo, especially to get the eyeglasses and expression right.

The Trivial Tales of Luna Lesser

Luna Lesser

Luna Lesser

This is Luna Lesser from The Trivial Tales of Luna Lesser by Spider Pinata. If you're wondering why her pose is so familiar... well, look... aliens.

As in, I got the pose from that guy/meme from Ancient Aliens the, uh, "documentary." I don't know what to call a thing that's about a thing that's maybe real, maybe not real, but somehow got produced as a TV show and filled up several hours of TV air time once upon a time.

True story: As a kid, I loved all that alien and government coverup conspiracy stuff. I read a lot about it. No, there was no Internet at the time like there is now. I had to get my batshit crazy ideas from going to the library and checking out books by authors like Erich von Däniken. I loved shows like the X-Files because it played on all of that stuff. Then... I grew out of it and realized as much fun as it was to imagine all this urban myth-making, it leads into a realm of pure crazy. Also, it seems degrading to these ancient civilizations to think that aliens helped these cultures build pyramid temples and trace the Nazca lines. I believe in Däniken's wacky books he literally believes a UFO used a laser to draw the Nazca lines. Nine year old me was like, "makes sense." But you know... as a person who's made big projects now, I can totally believe that some group of guys decided, let's draw a big bird. Probably literally just to prove that they were there, and could do it, and it was rad AF. Like some pre-historic graffiti or Banksy shit. Just because we don't know how they build those wonders without giant cranes, bulldozers, and drones doesn't mean that they didn't figure it out and do it.

Anyway, childhood story and rant over.

If you like a comic with some edgy, dark humor check out Luna Lesser.

M9 Girls!

And this is Karlita from M9 Girls a comic by Hippo and Shadow. M9 girls is about a team of Magical Girls... hmm, hey maybe one day Natsumi and Catherine could... hmmm, you know we'll have to ask them. I'm not even sure yet if they'll team up with one another and they're in the same comic.




Lastly, some quick anime homages to two of my favorite characters and series...

Maria-sama ga Miteru

First we have Fukuzawa Yumi from Maria-sama ga Miteru:

Fukuzawa Yumi

Fukuzawa Yumi

This is one of my favorite anime series. I wouldn't say Yumi was my favorite character from the show. That honor (is that an honor?) goes to Ogasawara Sachiko... or Sato Sei... maybe Toudou Shimako. Uh, maybe Yoshino too. There are a lot of great relationships and pairings in the show. It is overly melodramatic at times, but I still love it.

Kimi ni Todoke

Next we have Kuronuma Sawako from the shoujo anime and manga Kimi ni Todoke:

Kuronuma Sawako

Kuronuma Sawako

If you haven't seen Kimi ni Todoke, you can stream it. I think both Hulu and Crunchyroll have it. It's one of my favorite shoujo anime series, and if you have the patience for it, the whole 30 volume manga is complete and translated into English by Viz, and I think it's worth a read especially if you've seen the anime and wished there was more. After the events of the second series, things start to get hot and heavy with Sawako and Kazehaya. There's also plenty of subplots for her friends as well. I actually really liked how Akane Yano was developed over the rest of the manga. She's a standout character.

I know it's really late Saturday night, but I was out all day taking care of chores. And by taking care of chores I mean watching the new James Bond movie No Time To Die. If you haven't seen it, it's fantastic. Also it's like three hours long. Daniel Craig's Bond is my favorite. I liked that it was more brutal from the get go with Casino Royale, which is probably still my favorite of all of them. I think it's because Royale also plays on the more Jason Bourne type of action that seemed more prevalent in the mid-naughts.

Anyhow, have a great rest of the weekend!