Return to Sumida Park

Oct 30, 2021, 8:01:05 PM

The search continues!

Catherine's got no luck so far. Just a lot of harassment and no pupper.

But hey, what's this guy got for her?

This weekend's big art extravaganza continues with today's update of Magical Girl Kamiko. There'll be another update tomorrow and Monday with a set of Halloween exchange comics I did with the group at Webcomic Underdogs.

A Year of Shipping

I've successfully been publishing something every Saturday since last summer. Most of the time it's a new comic. Sometimes I've fallen back on sharing old art, but honestly, I never shared that art to this website despite it all being content made for This Mortal Coil. A lot of that content was made for Instagram with the idea of growing traction there, but it never caught on, and looking back the whole thing feels like a mistake. I wanted to bring people to this website and to read my stories and not to someone else's platform where it'll be lost in the shuffle of influencer posts and a metric ton of clickbait reposts.

Last December I weened myself off of social media except for Facebook since I still use Pages there for This Mortal Coil, but that doesn't seem very fruitful either, so maybe now that Facebook's really shown its ugly side, maybe it's time to depart from that platform all together.

In terms of the work, I'm always glad I began to make new comics. I really had to flip my approach to the process of making comics.

I'm sure I've said this here before, but I feel it bears repeating: When I finished The Rabbit and the Moon I looked back on it and saw it as a six year project. I then thought about the next project and saw that as another six year project, and that each one would be a successive six years. It paralyzed me. It kept me from doing art knowing that it would take great chunks of my life to produce one finished piece of work.

But I was wrong and it made me waste a lot of time.

Sure the Rabbit and the Moon did take six years, but the comic was made a little bit every day. I spent a few hours every night while watching TV. I figure if I could be wasting my time watching TV, I could also be making art too. Really the comic and all this work here is the accumulation of all these 2-3 hours over the course of six years. Really it's a practice of authoring something everyday that got me here, and that's how I should have been thinking of it. The work is done in piecemeal bits, and overtime the bigger project takes shape.

That's the stance I took with Magical Girl Kamiko. All I had to do was ship something every Saturday. So here's to this Saturday and all the Saturdays to come where I intend to ship something. I don't know what it will be. A sketch, a pinup, a comic, a rough comic, your guess is as good as mine, but my only mantra is to update on Saturdays everything else is gravy.

Have a great weekend and a great Halloween!