Halloween Exchange by Neil Kapit

Oct 31, 2021, 4:51:04 PM

Happy Halloween!

So this is how Kamiko defeated all the yokai during Hyakki Yagyō.

Thanks to Neil Kapit for drawing this amazing and epic comic for our Webcomic Underdogs Halloween Exchange! He's the author of the comic We Are the Wirecats which you can read on Tapas.io!

Although Neil doesn't mention it by name, Hyakki Yagyou (百鬼夜行) means "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons." And hey, I actually know one of the kanji characters off hand, this one: 百 for "one hundred." The kanji character "鬼" means "oni" or "demon", "夜" means "night", and looking up the characters on Jisho.org, "夜行" means "walking around at night; night travel" or (my favorite definition) "night train" -- you know, the parade part.

Easter Eggs

By the way there's also a bunch of easter eggs to other Webcomic Underdog comics here...

We've got "Groovy Grape" which is a reference to Groovy, Kinda by Charlie Wise

There's M9 Melon which is Hippo and Shadow's M9 Girls magical girl comic.

Melaredblu's Princess Chroma who is also a magical girl with an apparent violent streak, so Kamiko is in good company.

And of course Wirecat Wild Strawberry in reference to Neil's own comic.

Have a great and safe Halloween. On Monday, I'll have one more comic which is my Webcomic Underdogs Halloween Exchange, you know, just to get a little extra Halloween before we go full swing towards Christ-- er, I mean, Thanksgiving.

P.S. Eat a lot of candy!