Teeth or Sweets??

Nov 1, 2021, 5:11:20 PM


Where does Kamiko get all that teeth?

How does she get all that teeth?

Why does she have any of that teeth at all?

One day I'll reveal the secret behind that. But would you ever want to know?

Welcome to the Black Ball

I know it's November first, but this is the last bit of Halloween art as promised.

My Webcomic Underdogs exchange partner was MJ Massey. I drew her characters Emily and Chester from her comic Welcome to the Black Ball. If you're looking for a tale set in the 1920s with sorcery and a murder mystery, then definitely check out her work! I drew her characters a little more chibi, so they look younger, but that's not so in her actual story.

She's also got a second serial out called The Alchemist of Aurillia. I don't know much about that one, but you can find out more on her website.

I hope you're having a start of a good week! Have a great day!

Oh, and don't lose your teeth.