Catch the Ball!

Nov 7, 2020, 4:00:18 PM

Catch the ball!

Kamiko's buddy wants to play catch with our new two-headed dog friend! But, I don't think Kamiko was ready for that!

How's everyone doing with the election?

I decided not to watch it on television because I don't need that kind of anxiety.

So instead of watching talking heads blather on, I watched Star Trek Discovery's second season, which I really enjoyed. I'm always hesitant to recommend rebooted shows because everyone has strong feelings about modern <insert_favorite_scifi_show_here>. I once ran into someone who wouldn't watch the new Battlestar Galactic because it wasn't like the one from the 70s.

Well, I get it. We tend to grow up with certain things and we love them nostalgically.

But, I also like it when folks do new things with the old things I like. So I enjoyed the new Battlestar Galactica. The new Doctor Who. And the new Star Trek.

Okay... I mean maybe not Star Wars...

But hey, four out of three ain't bad. And I have to say, Discovery retains some of that hopefulness that Star Trek carries in its core DNA. The first season I remember thinking it was a bit dark, but despite that, I do like those dark elements like Michelle Yeoh's character (I also just like her in general). But, I like the glimmers of light and positivity that come through character interactions. Characters treat one another with respect and understanding, which is something our daily discourse has been lacking for the last five years (yeah you heard me, five...).

I was also interested because I had the ending of season 2 spoiled a long time ago. That really interested me because what they did has a chance to really step away from the past and do something new and interesting, and I'm all about new and interesting.

In some ways what I've done with Magical Girl Kamiko is different than how I've portrayed Kamiko in the past, and maybe at some point in this new comic serial, you'll see how that dovetails back into stories like the Rabbit and the Moon, and where in the timeline this fits.


National November Writing Month is once again upon us.

Am I doing it?

Kind of. You can follow my progress here.

And if you are doing it, we can be buddies.

The focus on my NaNoWriMo work is to finish book three of The Mechanical Bird. I've written 67k words for that book already, but it's disjointed in places and doesn't really come together as a complete story. I spent sometime on the 1st of November coming up with scenes to help fill in the gaps and give the narrative some direction. Will it be a successful story? I'm not sure, but there's only one way to find out... write it.

Magical Girl Kamiko

I do have a backlog of a few comics to carry me through this month, but there will come a point where I need to draw new panels for Magical Girl Kamiko.  These days I'm working off my computer, which is a new (but old) experience. I really do like the iPad because I can sit on the couch and doodle, whereas my PC feels like work. I can see that my work and quality on the PC is different. Things look more finished, more, dare I say, professional. I do like the sloppiness of my work on the iPad. Being on that device is in a sense freeing. I can cut corners. I'm limited so I have to get creative (especially with lettering). I also have Procreate 5x's new filters that I can abuse the hell out of.

Here on my PC, I've got Clip Paint. I have unlimited layers. I have access to Blender and I can pose 3D figures to help me get the right poses. There's so much more you can do.

I'll have to figure out that balance of going between working at my PC and not.

Until next week...