This is the Last Time!

Nov 14, 2020, 4:00:04 PM

Okay! This is the last time!

Look, she's tired. You're tired. The water guy? He's like whatever. And that two-headed dog with horns: Probably not tired.

To defeat the great evil, all she had to do was play some catch-ball. For a couple of hours, maybe...

The title of the comic might be "This is the last time!"


This is not the last comic. There is more!


This story is coming to an end, BUT, ya know, there will be more!

I do have to admit, my buffer is growing thin, so either I need to get drawing, or you might have some intermittent non-sequitur Magical Girl Kamiko artwork, which could be nice for a change pace inbetween stories. Or hey, maybe a call for fanart? We are also heading into the holidays.

Regardless, I would as much as possible like to keep something updating on this site.

I do have an idea for a second story, and I'd run it very much like this one -- it would be improvised as I go along, and probably done in a similar square image format. The irony here is that I developed it this way so I could post it on Instagram, but then... I never got around to that because I don't think I can attract an audience with the hashtags I use. I'd rather invest my time here on the website.

There is also a Facebook Page for This Mortal Coil were a lot of this comic artwork gets posted for friends who chill on that site.

So that's the state of the comic...


As you know it's National November Writing Month and everyone's either in a race to get to 50,000 words or realizing that it's the 14th and that they'd rather not.

I can't say that I'm on track for NaNoWriMo. I've got around 6k words. I'm moving slow, but I also want to say, I'm moving at my own pace, which is what matters. I have a day job, I need mental time for myself, and I fall into the trap of doomscrolling sometimes. I exercise, cook, and try to take care of myself despite the reality of things. You might call them excuses for my lack of productivity, but I'm sure we are all getting by. Also, I hate that metric of productivity. When I was younger I adhered to that. How many hours could I get in for a project? You know, it's my time and sometimes existing is fine. Sometimes consuming is okay. You need to exist and consume in order to get your mind to produce something new. It's a cycle and I believe in it.


COVID cases look to be on the rise again even here in California. So, please do your part. Wear your mask, socially distant, and stay home as much as possible. Remember when we started this stay-at-home in March with a fearful run on toilet paper and the world literally ran out? And now people are running right into the restaurants as if they feel the absolute necessity to dine out.

I still order take out.

I cook at home.

I work at home -- I'm lucky in that way.

When it's sunnier out I run outside for some exercise.

I consider others around me and try my best to adhere to the rules to protect, not only myself, but those around me.

I'm doing the best that I can even though it's not perfect all the time. I hope that you are doing the best that you can too, and we can all get through this. Then when there's a vaccine and it's distributed en masse, and we are proven to be okay, which could still take many months, I bet even another year and a half, only then, can things go back to being somewhat normal.

Stay safe and see you next time!