Mar 13, 2017, 7:27:28 PM

Mooncakes! Mooncakes!

Everyone in This Mortal Coil loves them some mooncakes!

Jade's even some kind of stuck up mooncake connoisseur.

To bad for the astronauts, they won't be able to eat the cakes, unless they take them back aboard the landing vehicle and eat them in there.

I am enjoying this 4-panel format. It's a lot quicker for me to do the comics and I can practice and hone my "humor" through these short gag comics. Right now I don't know how long this series will be, but it'll be whatever it ends up being. They're fairly quick to draw. I'm always surprised by that. On average it seems to be four hours of work and I can do that Sunday evening. It takes me 10 minutes to figure out what a strip might be and another half hour to scribble it down.


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I guess I could sell you the Lolita Fashion Coloring Book.

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So, on a tangent, this past Saturday I got to see Hamilton. I've been wanting to see that show for over a year now. A friend introduced me to the album and I've listened to it 50 times... okay, maybe a lot more than 50 times.

It's a fantastic album, but the show is astonishing. The choreography and staging is really cool -- wait till you see how they use the big turntable in the center of the stage and it all works really well with the music. There are also moments with characters that you can't really get if you've only listened to the album.

I know it's ridiculously expensive, but if you can see it, I think it's worth while.