Shoujo Style Kamiko by Yang Shan

Mar 21, 2016, 6:02:04 PM

Yang is one of the co-founders and members of our Bay Area Drawing Meats group and she's an amazing artist too. She originally drew Kamiko for the Original Character Challenge.

She's really amazing at drawing the thin-lined shoujo manga style -- using ink pens and copics. She's been working on a comic but I don't know when she plans to release it. She'll also be at Fanime's artist alley this spring if you want to meet her and buy some of her artwork.

If you live in the SF Bay Area and would like to join our Drawing Meats group, here's the link. We meet every two weeks to draw and hangout at local cafes.

More of Yang's art

You can view more of her art on her website: Forbidden Rain

She's also had a character up for the Drawing Meats Original Character challenge. This is her sexy pin-up girl Vanille (not related to the Final Fantasy character).

Vanille by Yang Shan

Vanille by Yang Shan

I drew Vanille for that OC challenge too. This is one of my rare attempts at doing a painted look:

Vanille fan art by Glenn Song

Vanille fan art by Glenn Song

Want to see your art here?

I have a lot of fan art stowed away for This Mortal Coil now, so you'll see more of these art pieces go up in the coming weeks. I'll post on Mondays and Thursdays just to give each piece some breathing room.

If you do some fan art of Kamiko or anything related to the stories of This Mortal Coil, I'd love to show it off here and give you a chance to share your own work. You can ping me on my twitter account @AlbinoGrimby.