Halloween 2021: Sexy Sad Robot Ladies

Oct 29, 2021, 4:49:25 PM

Happy Halloween

Since it's the season, there's going to be a few new pieces of art over the next several days starting from today:

  • Friday: Halloween 2021 Pinup
  • Saturday: Magical Girl Kamiko Update
  • Sunday: Webcomic Underdogs Halloween Exchange
  • Monday: Webcomic Underdogs Halloween Exchange (my art)

So for today, sexy anime-inspired Halloween costumes. Catherine is dressed up as Shoryu Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion (yeah, not Shikinami Asuka from Rebuild of Evangelion for you diehard anime otaku out there). Her outfit is modeled after the sexy plugsuit version illustrated by Yamashita Shunya and sculpted by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa. I actually own this anime statue.

Meanwhile, Natsumi is dressed in the sexy plugsuit version of Ayanami Rei also by Yamashita Shunya and sculpted by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa. This version of Rei is from the Rebuild of Evangelion. I don't own this anime statue. Looking back it seems inconsistent that I would pick something from the original Eva and the Rebuild of Eva, but there you have it. I was going for a theme of sexy Evangelion girls, and that's the version of Rei I found first.

Please look forward to more art and comics over the next few days...

Oh, a new website feature!

This was requested by one reader a long while back, but there was an ask to have previous and next comic buttons.

You'd think I'd have buttons like that from the get go, but no, I didn't. I stripped This Mortal Coil's site down to the bare minimum and this was something I had to add. I set aside time yesterday and implemented the feature. So, I've added that as a fixed bottom navigation bar when you're on the front page or a comic page. It's the same on desktop and mobile. Now you can navigate quickly to the very first comic of This Mortal Coil, or the very last, or the previous and next comics from where ever you are! There's also a button to allow you to jump to the entire comic archive if you want to view something else, and since the site is now lightning fast it won't take you very long to hop around and enjoy content.

I hope that makes navigating through the art and comics a little easier and makes content more accessible. Happy reading and have a great Halloween weekend!

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