The Miracle, Page 4

Aug 15, 2015, 1:00:01 PM

How It's Made: The Miracle, Page 4

It's time for How It's Made. This week's focus on on Page 4 of The Miracle. It's kinda gruesome, but if you can stomach it check out the script, storyboard, pencils, and textless final artwork. Click 'Read More' to continue.

The Miracle Page 4 Kamiko Blog Header

The Miracle Page 4 Kamiko Blog Header


1a. Kamiko lurches over to the wolf. She has bite marks and dirt on her, and her hair is tussled. Her left arm is broken and bleeding, the sleeve is torn up. Her dress is slashed along the front and there's blood along the collar of her blouse.

1b. Kamiko's arm is hanging limp and twisted backwards. She winces.

1c. She snaps her arm back in place where it's broken and yelps. 2a. Hana sits up behind Kamiko (she's in the foreground)

HANA Is he...


2b. The wolf's body dissolves. Behind him we can see the outline of the Ferrywoman -- the dark against the darkness of the night.

3a. A bright light emerges from the carcass of the wolf.

3b. The bright spirit of the wolf god emerges. It's powerful and Kamiko braces herself as gusts of wind whirls around her.


The Miracle, Page 4 Storyboard

The Miracle, Page 4 Storyboard


The big thing here was doing the facial expressions and hand poses for Kamiko. I've got a bunch of photos of me making all of those different hand poses.

The Miracle, Page 4 Pencils

The Miracle, Page 4 Pencils

Final Art

It's cool looking at this page from further away, because it's super busy and then once you get to look at the individual frames you can see what's going on.

For her arm reforming, I stole this idea from Akira. I always liked that last scene with Tetsuro's body ballooning out and ensnaring debris, wires, and merging it with his flesh and becoming this crazy, giant flesh monster. I always thought that was a superb bit of macabre imagination on Otomo-san's part. It's stuck with me, and you see it in the Rabbit and the Moon. The first time is when the wolf fixes his snout after Kamiko shoves an umbrella through it. This is the second time where Kamiko is regrowing her arm as this bubbly, blurbly mess of flesh and veins as it reforms into her whole arm. It looks painful, but she's fine right afterwards.

The Miracle, Page 4 Textless Final Art

The Miracle, Page 4 Textless Final Art

That's all for this week.

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