Archer of the West, Page 2

Jan 17, 2015, 4:00:05 PM

How It's Made: Archer of the West, Page 2

Here are the behind the scenes for the second page of Archer of the West:

The pencils:

Archer of the West - 2 Pencils

Archer of the West - 2 Pencils

The Script

So here's what the original script said. As you can see it's way different than what got put on the page. When I started I began to revise things again. I took out the bit about Tachibana being scared. I'm sure he is, but he's confident so I didn't want the dialogue to show that weakness.

For the wolf's skull, I actually found some photos and drawings other folks did via google image search, and from those I learned how to draw a wolf's skull, although I'm still not the greatest. I knew I wanted to change the wolf's look, make him look as if he were falling apart, so I thought this would be a great way to highlight his change. He was missing an eye but now he's missing a lot more.

You can see some frames I didn't bother to pencil in because a word bubble was going to cover it up. Going forward, I'm not sure if I like that approach. It shaves a few minutes off, but I do like the idea of having the pages as complete artwork without bubbles, but I do admit, if you don't see it, I probably shouldn't bother drawing it.

Frame. Tachibana won't turn away from him. He has to fire at the wolf. He has to kill him, because if he doesn't, the wolf will probably go on and hurt Natsumi and everyone else he cares about.


(Draws his bow. He's scared and his mind is racing. The arrow is quivering in his hand and he won't be able to fire straight.) I can do this...I can do this... I won Nationals. Hit him between the eyes.

Frame. We view his hind legs kicking up dirt as they spring him towards Tachibana.

Frame. We see the concentration on Tachibana's face as he has the arrow pulled back.


(View of his paws as they are drawn back ready to fling him forward at Tachibana)

Frame. The wolf's open maw.

Frame. Tachibana releases the arrow.

Frame. Pull back to a long shot with the two of them now past one another.