Magical Girl Squish!

Jul 26, 2020, 1:39:12 AM


If you're trying to reach out and grab Kamiko, you better watch out!

Anyhow, it's nice making something new.

I took a long time away from it. But I feel like I owe it to myself to continue doing something.

I'm painting these on my iPad Pro in grayscale. It's sloppy looking but I figure, it's good enough for the comic, and good enough for right now. I don't think I intend to do anything else with these pieces other than to display them here and tell a story that you can only read on this website.

The Value of Staying Here

I feel like, somewhere along the line, over the past decade, I moved away from that notion of being here on this website.

I turned the Rabbit and the Moon into a graphic novel and sold it at a convention. There could be money made from the work I had done, but my original goal was to practice my skills and to output something on this site. Now, it helped that I had formatted that comic to fit a traditional graphic novel style of book.

It didn't help having dollar signs in my eyes.

While, ultimately, it would be nice to make a few bucks off my work, I had to take a step back and consider the art and business side of things from a holistic approach to my artwork.

And, I decided I'd focus on the art side of things. Make things I want to see, and do so with the skills I have and am interested in learning.

Business is second.

Yes, I still want to make products and sell them, and there are some glacially slow plans on that end, which I could get into some other day, but Magical Girl Kamiko isn't really about that.

Other People's Platforms

Also, over this past decade, I got caught up with a lot of social media -- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The urge to share on those other platforms was a huge draw. Maybe I could get more followers and readers. But, the truth is, those new followers are only on that platform. It never worked out for me.

Well after years and years of fiddling wit those sites, I've seen basically no return from it and its pulled my work off this site in favor of someone else's curated platform.

Now, I'm thinking, I want to stay here.

Sure there's barely any eyeballs here, but I do see someone occasionally binge a chunk of the comics here.

So if you come along someday and find this, know that I created it with you in mind. I hope you are enjoying the work. If you do appreciate what I'm creating here and what you're reading for free, then please drop a comment or share it with any of your friends who you think might enjoy this too.

Being Here

So, my plan is to be here and post new artwork and comics related to This Mortal Coil. I've also had some ideas for posting some short stories as well.

The comics though have to be simple -- done faster. I'm not a team of people and I can't really ask for a team since this is a hobby. So I will do what I can and please to enjoy myself and share it here.

The artwork can be a mixture of sketches and finished stuff -- it's based on what I feel like completing.

Short stories would be faster for me to produce too. I know I can easily put out 'X' number of words a night and produce something.

In other words, stay tuned, more is coming.

There's still no schedule. I know Saturday is a poor choice for an update, but I also know that folks who do come here binge read, and right now binge readers work better with my schedule and lazy approach to updating the site.