Hiding Under the Vending Machine

Jul 29, 2020, 3:00:30 PM

Hiding Under the Vending Machine

"Don't worry buddy, I won't hurt ya," Kamiko says.

But can ya really trust her?

Who's hiding under the vending machine? All will be revealed soon. After all, the title of this new serial is "Brand New Friend."

Lazy How To

To make this panel, I took a photo of myself with my iPhone crouching down and drew over it.

Lazy? You say.

But, effective, I say.

To me the point is to make the image. And even though I traced over this, it still involved a bit of work, so it's not like I get a freebie here.

Other Projects with This Mortal Coil

Magical Girl Kamiko isn't the only thing I'm working on. Under quarantine, I started to write fiction again, and with that, I'm planning a new This Mortal Coil book serial.

I'm close to done writing the rough draft for the first book, but that doesn't mean you'll see it on Kindle anytime soon. I'd like to hire an editor to go over it and help me make it the best manuscript I can. I still want to do the covers myself, because, ya know, I'm an artist and all that.

Just having one manuscript won't be enough for me though. I want to flesh out more of the stories and characters so that I know this thing can have legs. A reader magnet to help draw in folks from book promotions would also help too.

These books will eventually, I hope, find their way to Amazon as ebooks for purchase.

This isn't the first time I've dabbled in ebooks and Amazon Kindle stuff. I've got a few books out right now.

Short Fiction

I'm also tempted to put short stories. Obviously (to me anyway), Magical Girl Kamiko seems to be a good outlet for that since there's no real defined plot. It's just a slice-of-life concept: Kamiko as a magical girl protecting humans from demons and befriending yokai and spirits in Tokyo.

The comic panels, such as this one, aren't really storyboarded or anything. I draw each frame one at a time and build it from there, so having short random stories could flesh out other parts of this aspect of Kamiko's life.

We'll see though.

Some New Art

As a last thing, here's some new art work-in-progress I've still got some work to do before I'm done with it.

Oh, and... No, I didn't trace this. I legit drew it. I'll post a video with it when it's complete!

But, one question for you: Which do you like better blue or red? Red, or blue?

Kamiko Crouch Red vs Blue WIP

Kamiko Crouch Red vs Blue WIP

Have a good week, more to come...