Morning Commute!

Oct 1, 2022, 7:07:08 PM

The morning rush! The long night ended and the sun rose high enough to paint the early morning sky in washes of purples, pinks, and golds. In the woman’s carriage on the subway heading home, Natsumi slept against Catherine’s shoulder. She looked peaceful, her locks of chocolate colored hair falling against the soft pastel blue of Catherine’s dress. The soft cotton of her blouse rubbing up against the smooth texture of her leather dress. Catherine held her tight, her arm tucked around her holding her close to her protective frame.

Of course, it was a total pain the butt to get Natsumi into the train.

She tried waking her up but Natsumi was sound asleep. Not all the shaking, clapping, or screaming would get her to wake up and take notice.

And, Catherine couldn’t leave her there.

She could have! She could have propped her up against the Gate of Daitokuin. Maybe she could have waited alongside of her until she woke up, but with a sleep that deep, she didn’t know when that would be. She could hail a taxi, but when she checked her phone the battery was dead from all the livestreaming the day and night before — it was definitely time for a newer model.

So then…

It was up to her to take care of Natsumi. In front of the gate, Catherine cradled Natsumi in her arms and lifted her up. If that bratty little girl woke up in her hands she might never hear the end of it. Catherine mustered up the dregs of Japanese that she knew and managed to ask a maintenance worker if he could help carry the Heartwing Staff to the bench closest to the nearby station. He obliged and that bit of luck helped her a great deal — not that he wasn’t enamored with the idea of helping her from the lusty look in his eye. His kindness got her down the subway stairwell and onto the train.

Luckily with the morning rush it meant that one of the carriages would be designated for women only, and she carried Natsumi into that one. The maintenance worker handed her the Heartwing Staff officially ending the final trial of the night.

Catherine smirked at the thought of her entering that carriage with Natsumi in her arms. The other ladies, office workers, housewives, and students, looked up from their newspapers and phones to gawk at her. Since she wasn’t Japanese, she was sure it was why they also kept their distance despite their curiosity.

Catherine sighed and glanced down at Natsumi using her boob as a pillow. Natsumi sleeps like she’s dead. Not even the train can wake her up, Catherine thought. I guess that’s not too suprising, she did end up channeling my lady’s power through her body.

“Her Lady."

The great eyeball.

It was out there in deep space, somewhere close to the edge of the universe, if such a border existed. The Great Eyeball saved her from certain death and gave her a new chance at life. It had a power that was much more than simply being a planet-sized eye. The way Catherine understood and thought of her was that it was only the eye that poked into the fabric of the universe. The rest of Her Lady must have been outside of it. She must have been a truly gigantic woman. In contrast, she spoke with a husky voice that a way of lulling Catherine in. At first, she thought the eye was some demon but over time she found herself trusting her. There wasn’t a hint of malice in her voice. The Eyeball was gracious, silly, and a bit melancholy in their telepathic discussions. There was something ephemeral about her and Catherine thought of her a bit like a mother.

Against her chest Natsumi drooled and snerted. Catherine cringed seeing the drool dab against the smooth pale blue leather. Looks like this isn’t one and done after all. She’s got a power all her own and I’ll have to help her. I’m sure my lady would prefer that. And maybe now that I’ve met someone like me, I can understand myself better. Figure out what I am.

The train jostled on the tracks and Natsumi rubbed up against her.

*I get the sense, that the both of us will have to look out for one another. But… I also get the sense that she’s gonna be a pain the behind. *