Let's Hang Out Again!

Dec 26, 2020, 4:00:55 PM

Let's Hang Out Again! But... When?

Merry Day After Christmas! This is the last page of the story "A Brand New Friend!" If you haven't read the comic, you can start from here.

I started storyboarding a new story, but it obviously won't begin serializing next week. It maybe a few weeks. Instead I'll be posting some standalone artwork of Magical Girl Kamiko each Saturday. Yeah, it's filler, but I want to keep something going while there's no comic.

I hope you've enjoyed the story "A Brand New Friend!"

Also, you may have noticed that this comic is in color. If you go back you'll notice that the comic was much sketchier and in black and white. I went from using an iPad and Procreate to create the comic to my desktop computer and a Cintiq and Clip Paint Studio. Having the full power of my desktop has made it easier to do more finished work.

Christmas Postcard

This past Christmas Eve I shared my digital Christmas postcard for 2020.

I've also posted it as a piece of art in the gallery and in the blog post I explain how I did the various elements of it.

If you are curious how it's made, then please click the image below and view the full artwork and take a look at how I made it.

Merry Christmas Digital Card 2020 | This Mortal Coil Webcomic

That's all for this week...

There will be an update next Saturday morning. It won't be apart of a comic, but a stand alone sketch. It'll be a lot of Kamiko pin-ups for a while. Please bear with me as I put together the storyboards and ideas for stories in 2021.

Well, then I'll see you in the new year. Let's hope 2021 will be better.

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