Nose Jammed!

May 27, 2022, 7:32:08 PM

“EWW,” Catherine blurted.

She flinched upon seeing Natsumi plunge the non-business end of her staff through the green mist right into the open nasal cavity of the giant ghoul. The creature shrieked and roared. Its backwards hands swatted helplessly. Catherine pondered if maybe the ghoul regretted grossly turning her head a full one-eighty degrees backwards. Crabwalking and swatting didn’t seem to logistically help with the close combat between herself and Natsumi.

“Hey!” Natsumi called behind her. “Come over here and help me jam it through her nose!”

“NO!” Catherine said. She had enough of jamming things into other things. She had already jammed a catepillar into her head to bear witness to an unseen world, and now Natsumi wanted her to hurt a creature within it by giving it an oversized metal q-tip brain swab?

“Come on!” Natsumi said, her voice lowered and impatient.

The creature with the backwards head, managed to lift her arm and tuck it under her crab-walk body and snatched Natsumi off the ground. Her nails poked at the frills on her blouse and threatened to tear her flesh, but Natsumi continued on with her violence. To guide and steady the staff, she reached around, bending her arm backwards, and grabbed the pointy end on top of the heart of her staff and pushed forward and up.

The ghoul’s head pulled backwards in starts and stops and it coughed and snorted up more green mist.

“What happened to zappy ray-ing her??” Catherine called.

“I’ll do it after!”

“Well, I feel like you should have zappy-ray’ed her from back here!” It seemed like the smart thing to do. Why engage the creature (that size!) up close?

Natsumi continued her struggle to plunge her oversized swab into the ghoul’s nose. The ghoul continued its struggle to stop Natsumi. Catherine watched as Hiroshi slunk away and then break into a run.

“Are you really gonna be like this, right now?” Natsumi called back.

“Fudgepops,” Catherine said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.