Eat This Instead!

May 21, 2022, 8:46:12 PM


Catherine was quick with her whip and wrapped the end around Hiroshi’s foot. With a strong tug she pulled his foot out from under him causing the rest of his body to tip and crumple to the ground. She yanked back on the whip so hard that she tipped backwards and fell on her bottom.

Upside-down head chomped her mouth closed missing Hiroshi by a hair.

Before the old man hit the ground he began screaming and freaking out. “Whu- what kind of cosplay is this??”

Natsumi narrowed her eyes. Idiot. So he could see the ghoul after all. And he walked in front of her without a second thought?

She concluded that the old guy was just a dumbass and now he was in the way.

It was now or never to end this thing for good. She mustered all of her will and like a pole vaulter going for the gold, she lunged forward in her four-inch heels running (as she trained for) to put Upside-down head down for good.

HEY!” Natsumi yelled. “Don’t eat that dummy! Eat this instead!”