Tossed Like a Salad!

Jun 4, 2022, 7:52:30 AM

Before Catherine could gather herself and commit to an act of violence at the urgent behest of Natsumi, the close quarters combat drew to a startling close. The ghoul with the backwards head had Natsumi lifted off the ground in the grasp of her embiggened hand.

And she tossed Natsumi with the laziest of gestures right into the air. Catherine had seen girls playing softball with more wind-up and punch than the effort the ghoul took to hurl Natsumi through the sky.

And up Natsumi went. Heels over head. Somersaulting through the air. The ghoul also snorted and fired the Heartwing staff out of its nose sending it spinning through the air under her. The monster swayed from side to side, hands clutched to her face (as well as she could manage it), growling and croaking its disdain for the stabby brain tickle.

Catherine tossed her whip aside and dashed forward with her arms out. Natsumi’s scream carried over the span of concrete sidewalk from the gate of Daitokuin towards where she stood closer to the street.

What exactly was she gonna catch? Natsumi was a mess of fast rotating and flailing limbs and lace. One wrong move and she could get her eyes gouged out from the pointy end of her shoes.

Catherine ran forward. If she timed it right she could position herself in a better vantage point to catch her. “I gotcha… I gotcha!” she called as she got under her. With a powerful squad and leap, she sprang up with her arms wide open…