First Meeting

Dec 11, 2021, 10:03:17 PM


...We meet.

That is Catherine and Natsumi meet. I've been building to this moment since the beginning of the year and here we are in December and finally, finally Catherine and Natsumi are together on the same frame in a story. How exciting is that?

I think this pretty much ends the chapter "What Are You Doing Here?"

Since we know why Catherine's here and Natsumi and Catherine have met.

Don't worry there'll be something new for next week and every Saturday. Since Christmas is soon it maybe art that rounds out the year.

What's to come?

There's still some story left for their first meeting. I mean there's still a monster to fight. A dog to find. And they gotta get to know one another. Also there's also half a dozen things left to answer, and I'll do it in 2022.

I did this entire comic over the course of the week, and it was the longest comic. Pixel height-wise it's about 31,000 pixels high at the original 4k width resolution. I had no plan of what I was going to do Monday evening and here we are Saturday afternoon with a fully formed comic. Over the week, I thought I might end up splitting this comic up. I thought I might cut out the silly capitalism jokes with the ghouls, but I decided I had to have both considering I built towards the goofiness in the previous comic. I couldn't not have a payoff of some kind, while having the bigger pay off of Natsumi showing up.

I didn't think I'd jump back into doing this high contrast black and white style again, because it's time consuming, but I'm really enjoying it. Don't get me wrong I loved it in the past, and I thought it would fit this chapter since it had a slightly more horror vibe to it. Magical Girl Kamiko will continue to mix different styles of art and storytelling.

I hope you enjoyed this extra long comic. I wouldn't expect comics to be this long in the future, but hey, you never know.

Have a great weekend!